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CGD Network Bidding 4

CGD Bid: 4

    Public Notice: CGD Bidding Rounds for grant of Authorization to develop CGD networks. Dated:09-09-2014
  • Public Notice

    Public Notice No:PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-1-E. Dated:14-08-2014
  • Public Notice

    PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-Additional Clarifications. Dated:18-07-2014

    Public Notice No:PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-1-D. Dated:27-06-2014
  • Public Notice

    PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-Clarifications. Dated:05-06-2014

    Public Notice No:PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-1-C. Dated:23-04-2014
  • Public Notice

    Approved PNGRB (Authorizing entities to lay, build, operate, or expand city or local natural gas distribution networs) Amendment Regulations, 2014. Date: 07-04-2014
  • Approved Regulation
    Public Notice No: PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-1-B. Dated:16-01-2014 (Draft Amendment Regulations)
  • Public Notice
Comments Received:
    Public Notice No:PNGRB/CGD/BID/4/2013-1-A. Dated:09-01-2014
  • Public Notice